Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tales From Kindergarten

Every weekend I ask Brooklyn and Kalea how their school week went. I usually get “fine” or “good” as a response but can get more details out of them with some strategically asked questions.


A couple of weekends back, Kalea had mentioned that she no longer plays with her best buddy Bing since he no longer went to her school.


I questioned Danny who did some follow up and confirmed Bing was moved to a different class due to classroom size. Kalea had mentioned that she did start to play with another boy from a different class, but didn’t remember his name.

This last weekend I asked if she saw Bing on the playground anymore and she said no and dropped it. I then asked if she remembered the new boy’s name that she plays with, she didn’t so I dropped it. Then she volunteered…

“Me and the boy meet at the hotel and play prince and princess”.


With a little bit more probing I figured out that the hotel is actually the cafeteria. Whew!

I’m still trying to get this “new” boy’s name. To be continued next weekend…