Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Until the sun goes down

Thursday night Jeff and I decided that we would head out to the water Friday morning to reserve a spot for everyone.  We had a big group and needed to make sure we got a spot for all of us to fit. 

Danny and Dad drove out there with us.  Danny had just bought a new pair of goggles and wanted to test them out by sticking his head out the window. 


We got there super early, set up camp and then had about 2 hours to ourselves.  It was so quiet and peaceful. 




Around 10am Jeff made us egg and ham burritos. 


Around 11am everyone started to arrive.  Nana cracked open a beer. Winking smile


Even the ducks were there to hang out with us.



At one point Danny thought it would be funny to hook me to a tree stump and leave me there. 




Kalea had so much fun, she was dancing on the top of the boat. 


Sorry Danny, you are definitely going to have your hands full. 

We had dinner on the beach and stayed until the sun went down.  Another great day!


{Sidenote} I got dumped again on Friday, this time by Jeff.  I kept my backup sunglasses this time but they did crack.  Two pairs lost to the river! 

{Sidenote 2} The elevator in our hotel was so messed up!  It would stop on random floors and then skip our floor and go all the way back to the Casino.  Later that weekend we were literally down to one elevator that the maintenance crew controlled to pick up guest…on 24 floors.