Monday, August 27, 2012

So you wanna run?

Jeff and I taped ALL of the Olympics.  And when I say all, I mean it…all the Olympics!  We fast forwarded through a lot of it but watched all the running events.  Occasionally Brooklyn was watching with me and I think my cheering and jumping during some of the events made her excited too.  So excited that when we went to buy her river shoes, she convinced Danny to buy her a pair of running shoes. 


Brooks Adrenalines to be exact.  #runhappy  Ever since we got back from the river she’s been bugging me to run.  She wants to do a kids race later this fall.  So last night (after my 4 mile run) we headed out for a quarter mile run.  Instead, we did a mile. 


Danny and Jeff rode bikes.  Kalea rode her tricycle with Shannon walking next to her.  We went all the way to C & C’s and then rested for a bit.  I needed it!  Brooklyn was FAST.  She pretty much ran in front of me the entire time and took walk breaks only because I told her too. 

At one point, I told Danny to pace her with the bike. 


We ended up back to our house and then cooled off with some Capri Sun and a ShotBlock – tasted just like candy!



Brooklyn had a fun time running…but I’m not sure about doing the race with her.  She’ll leave me in the dust!  Uncle Jeff, you made need to step in!