Saturday, August 31, 2013

Disneyland Half Expo

The Disneyland Half Expo opened on Friday.  Since Jeff was running the 10k and I’m still on leave, I convinced Shannon to go with me to pick up his packet.  I was a little nervous since it has been so hot and Kenzie is little but I figured with the extra help, it should be ok.

We headed down to the expo around 11am and it was crowded!  The Downtown Disney parking lot was already full so we were forced into the structure.  Kenzie got to take her first tram ride though!


Once we walked to the Disneyland Hotel we found out what DD was full.  The line to just get your bib was huge!! After a long wait we made it in to pick up Jeff’s bib.


After that wait, we headed into the Expo itself to pick up his shirt.  The expo was so crowded and I’m still not used to pushing a stroller (I was worried for people’s toes) so we called it a day and headed to ESPN Zone for some lunch. 


Kenzie did really well.  She fussed a little because we had to wait for some warm water to warm up her bottle but once she ate, she was fine. 

Thanks to Auntie Shannon for spending the whole day with us!  I would have had a nervous breakdown without the help!