Friday, August 9, 2013

1 Month in the Books


Today you are 1 month old!


The last month has been a whirlwind!  You came into this world with a little drama and have kept it up for the month.  You’ve been admitted not once but twice into Peds and have spent a total of 8 days there during your 1st month. 


You did great meeting your big sister and all four of your cousins.  They all love holding you and I can’t wait to see you play with them when you get older.




Eating has been rocky this first month.  While we were trying to fatten you up, some other issues came up that landed you in Peds for the second time.  You are a very pukey baby and I find myself moving you like you are going to break puke any second.  Because of this we have a ton of burp cloths & bibs.  Thankfully it seems like you are becoming a better eater & when I weighed you at home are approximately 8.5lbs!



During the first half of the month you slept most of the day.  However, towards the end of your first month you have become more active during the day.  We’ve made sure to get lots of girl talk in and time in your swing & on your play mat.  Chloe especially loves it when you are on your play mat since she can get extra close. 




When it is time to go to sleep, Daddy is still the king of cuddling you until you are out. 



You have had 4 poop explosions this month!!  It never fails that just as I have your diaper off, you decide it’s the perfect time to “go”.  Most of the time it’s your middle of the night changes.  All the time, it’s been impressive.  You are also the queen of peeing in a fresh diaper, minutes after it’s been changed.  At least you are predictable in this. 



Just like the books say, you are beginning to lift your head when we put you on your belly.  You are getting stronger and stronger every day.  Another big milestone…you took your first nap in your crib.  It was a short one and Mommy stared at the monitor the entire time, but it’s one step closer to you being a big girl!


This last month has been a whirlwind but we love getting to know you.  You perfectly complete our tiny little family!