Monday, August 5, 2013

Peds Take Two

On Friday Mackenzie had her follow up with the pediatrician to check on her weight.  We (her and I) had been working hard on getting her enough milk to fatten her up.  I had weighed her at home and she was trending a pound heavier so we had our fingers crossed the appointment would go well. 


When we got there, I had mentioned to the doctor that her belly was distended and asked that she take a look at it.  The doctor took one look at it and said it was not normal and she was sending us straight the hospital for a scan.  I wasn’t too worried about it initially, more relieved that I wasn’t imagining things.  Jeff was out of town and I initially told him to not come home, thinking it wasn’t a big deal. 

Unfortunately once we were there, Kenzie ended up getting admitted to Peds…again.  When I updated Jeff, he drove straight to the hospital from his location-4 hours away.



Without going into a lot of detail, she has some gi issues that are going to need additional tests/treatment.  We stayed in Peds until Sunday evening and thankfully the room was a bit bigger and had two comfy chairs versus just one.  This time, Jeff and I split the overnight shifts so Kenzie always had one of us there with her. 


We’re at home now waiting for the test results to determine what kind of treatment she’ll need.  Please keep her in your prayers.