Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brittany & Scott’s Wedding

Last Friday Jeff attended his cousin’s wedding in Fullerton.  The wedding was at the Villa Del Sol and took place outdoors in their courtyard. 


Jeff went solo since I was home with Mackenzie.  He said the ceremony was nice & sent me the below pics throughout the evening.  Brittany looks so pretty in her dress!



Instead of a sit down dinner, they opted for heavy appetizers.  Jeff said they had a mashed potato bar (which he enjoyed), crab cakes, mini french dip sandwiches to name a few.

Jeff also left a little note for the happy couple on their “wish tree”. 


While Jeff was out enjoying the wedding, Kenzie and I hung out at home. 


Congratulations Brittany & Scott!  We wish you a marriage filled with love & happy memories!!