Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mackenzie’s Homecoming

When we were ready to be discharged on Sunday (7/14) one of the nurses came in to show us how to properly strap Mackenzie into her carseat.  Similar to how they wheel women who just gave birth out of the hospital, they put Kenzie’s carseat on a stroller and wheeled her out.

We loaded her up in the car and made the short ride home. 


One of the most common questions we got was “how do you think Chloe will react?”  We googled how to introduce a dog to a newborn but really just went on instinct when we introduced them. 


As you can see from the video, Chloe did awesome. She was really excited but listened to us and mostly stuck to licking Kenzie’s feet.

Even now, a week later, she’s doing really well.  She loves to keep tabs on her.  One time Jeff moved K and her bassinet and Chloe didn’t realize K was still in her bassinet.  She went tearing through the house looking for her (checked K’s room, the bathroom, her swing) before finally finding her.

Thank goodness our two little girls get along so well!  We can’t wait until Kenzie gets a little bigger so she can interact with Chloe more.