Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mackenzie’s First Couple Days

I was moved into my recovery room soon after delivery and waited for Jeff to meet me.  During Mackenzie’s initial newborn scans it was determined that she had an infection (most likely from my water being broken 28 hours prior to delivery) and needed to be given antibiotics and checked out by the hospital pediatrician before being released to hang out in our room. 

The pediatrician was running late so around 11am the next day (Wednesday) one of the nurses said “screw it” and brought Mackenzie to our room. 


Around noon we got our first visitors!  Nate and Vanessa dropped by to meet our little girl.

Ashley and Vanessa also came by but I don’t have a picture!  I’m blaming sleep deprivation.  In between visitors we had our down time and tried to get accustomed to the newest little Loyd.



Later that night we had our “celebration dinner” of steak, rice pilaf, veggies, garlic bread and apple cider. 


After dinner we had some more visitors.  Shannon, Chad, Crystal, Aunt Bernice, Uncle Tim, Nana and Tata all showed up. 


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Once everyone went home, it was just me, Jeff and Mackenzie.  We survived our first night together – Jeff learned how to sleep through a crying baby and a wife screaming his name to get his attention.  Winking smile




Thursday was a tough day for us.  I was being discharged but Mackenzie was scheduled to stay admitted until the following Tuesday.  When 8:00pm rolled around and we followed the nurse to the nursery, the tears started flowing.  It wasn’t until we were got to the nursery that we were told of a new policy that allowed babies to be transferred to Peds which allowed a parent to stay with the baby.  This sounded like the perfect solution for Jeff and I. 


As of Thursday night, the above became Mackenzie’s room for the next week.  More to come!