Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 2-Getting to Know You


It’s so crazy to think that at 2 weeks old, you already have a personality.  You have some distinct likes & dislikes at only 1/2 month old. 

You don’t mind taking a bath.  You sort of look shell shocked but don’t cry anymore like you did the first time you took one. 


You love your swing.  We plop you down, set it on the lowest setting and you become so quiet.  It’s been such a help during those early morning feeds when I’m getting things ready. 



You love sleeping on Daddy’s chest.  Mommy has tried to hold you this way and you either puke all over me or start to scream.  This is strictly a Daddy & Kenzie position only.


You like the paci when we give it to you, which is only on very rare occasions.  You hate the mittens we put on your hands since all you want to do is suck on your fingers.  But after a few bad scratches, sorry Kenz, they are here to stay. 



You may be indifferent to what you wear but the below “monster” onesie that Kalea made you, perfectly describes how you are when we change your diaper.  While you HATE  to have a dirty diaper, you hate it more when we change it. 


You went to the doctor on your 2 week birthday and your jaundice is definitely getting better.  The doctor also confirmed what we already knew – you are skinny minnie!!  Our goal this week = fatten you up before your next doctor visit.


It’s hard to believe you’ve only been part of our family for 2 weeks.  Those two weeks have seem like a lifetime!  Mommy, Daddy and Chloe are all so happy to have you here now!!


Love you Kenzie!!