Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TinMan Triathlon

Jeff has been focused on getting back into Tri shape recently.  There was a local sprint tri by us so he signed up last minute and ended up racing Sunday morning!

He sent me the below pic of his gear all set up in transition. 


He was telling me the race ended up starting 20 minutes late because of a traffic accident that the pulled the police away from the race for a bit. 

The race was a reverse sprint so it started with the run portion, then bike, then swim.  He finished in about 1:21:38.  The local rotary club put on the race and he said they did an overall nice job.  There were 2 water stops on the run and 3 water stops on the bike. 

When he got home I made him pose with his medal.



So proud of the husband for waking up early and heading out in the heat.  Nice job babe!!