Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hanging Around

On our last full day camping, we made sure we just stayed at the campground to enjoy our day.  Kenzie woke up early to confiscate Kalea’s stick.


On of my favorite things about vacationing with our nieces is that both girls love being around them.  Brooklyn is so good with Avery and Avery loved hanging out with her!

iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 030

Yes, that would be an Oreo for breakfast. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 033iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 034

iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 036iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 038

Once the girls woke up from their naps, we headed to my favorite place in Three Rivers.  The candy and ice cream store.  This store has been around since before I was born.  It’s a Solano tradition to visit everytime we are there.

iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 039iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 040

iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 045

Before we knew it, our day was over and it was time for bedtime.  iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 047

It was unfortunately another loud night for Danny and Chad’s tents.  Danny and his girls actually ended up in my Dad’s room around 1am since it was so loud.  It was really disappointing that the reunion group was not considerate at all.  Thankfully in our cabin, we heard none of it and both girls slept peacefully.