Sunday, July 12, 2015

That’s our table

Because of the large group spilling into Chad’s tent site, we decided to have smores on Danny’s now empty campsite.  We put our red tablecloth on the table and enjoyed our last night of camping. 

Like I mentioned, it was another noisy night, so Danny and his girls had moved into my Dad’s cabin around 1am.  Only CCHN were in their tent through the night.

Just before 6am, I heard some loud noises outside and commotion.  I crawled over Jeff to our window but because I didn’t have my glasses on I couldn’t see much.  My first thought was bears or someone stealing an ice chest.  Jeff jumped out of bed and by the time we ran outside, others were out there too.  It became apparent that a very large tree branch had fallen on some tents.

Jeffs Iphone 1364

The branch actually fell in Daniel’s campsite.  That table was the one we sat on just hours before.  That’s our red table cloth. Had Danny not made the decision to move his tent to Chad’s spot, he and his girls would have been severely injured.


There was one injured person, a boy from the reunion group.  He had serious, but not life threatening injuries. 

Jeff helped the bandage the boy’s cuts and then the ambulance soon arrived.  Once they had left, the park quickly called someone to remove the entire tree. 

It was disappointing how the park handled this accident.  They made no apologies for the impact the tree made.  No acknowledgment that one of our family members could have also been very hurt that morning.  It was truly God watching over our family that day. I would hate to think what would have happened had not Daniel moved his tent.