Saturday, July 25, 2015

OC Fair

Jeff and I typically go to the LA County Fair but we made a special trip to the OC Fair with the family.  In hindsight, I don’t know what we were thinking.  It was in the 90’s, Bean had major diaper rash and needed to be changed immediately and we went right smack in the middle of what should have been Kenzie’s nap time.  Thankfully we only paid $2 per person.

Bean had her lunch bottle in the car on the way over.  She’s so cute!

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While we were in line buying tickets to get in, Bean pooped.  And because her rash was so bad, I was freaking out looking for a bathroom.  So while Danny & the girls went through a World’s Largest Snake exhibit, I tracked down a bathroom to change a poopy diaper. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 055

Once Bean had a clean diaper, we went through one of the exhibit halls that had a bunch of reptiles to view.  By then we were expecting Chad and Crystal to arrive so we hung out by the food-yum, and got some icees to cool us down.

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After a few minutes CCHN arrived and all the cousins posed for a picture. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 071

And then Kenzie fell.  And started crying and needed a nap.  And Bean needed another diaper change.  We changed Bean’s diaper (this time found an actual baby changing center-the best thing ever) and then headed out.  No rides, no games, no animals.  Just snakes and an icee. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 072

Thank goodness we have the LA Fair to try it all over again!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 083