Sunday, July 26, 2015

And because we’re crazy

After our fair fiasco, what not better thing to do but then go to Disneyland.  Thankfully Shannon stayed home with Bean so it was a little less crazy.  We opted to walk vs taking the tram so we rode in the Monorail.  Kenzie’s first time!


Whenever we go, we try to do something new or something we haven’t done in awhile.  The line was short to meet the Fairies so something new #2 it was!


The girl who was monitoring the line was very sweet and kept Mackenzie entertained while we waited our turn. 

Jeffs Iphone 138120150726_084228

What I love about these meet the character lines is that they do so much more than smile and take a picture.  They spend easily 2-3 minutes chatting and even though Kenzie is pretty quiet, don’t cut her time. 


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We enjoyed a spin around the teacups.

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Shannon was sure to capture some sweet pictures of Bean. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 101iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 102iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 104

She has the craziest bed head after waking up from a nap or bedtime.

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 105iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 106

As a thank you Aunty Shannon came over for dinner and we caught Kenzie and Avery playing together.  So sweet!