Thursday, August 20, 2015

Avery 6 Months

Dear Avery,

I cannot believe how time is flying by.  My sweet baby is already 6 months old!  You are half way to being 1 year old.  Slow down sweet girl!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 059

At your 6 month check up you weighed in at 16.5lbs!  Such a big girl.  We had plans to start you on food, but since your diaper rash is pretty persistent, we’ll need to wait until it clears up.

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 062

Speaking of your diaper rash, since the doctor identified something else we had to treat, your rash went left to be treated on my own.  I tried everything to help it.  Bigger diapers, cloth wipes (which I ended up loving), different formula, all.the.diaper.cream.  But nothing worked.  Thankfully, right before you turned 6 months we got a prescription cream that started working within 24 hours!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 078

A big milestone-you sat up for the first time!  You have been so wanting to be more and more in the mix with big sister, I feel this will make you very happy!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 087

This upcoming month is going to be a big one!  Bring on the food!!