Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kenzie’s first ER trip

Sunday morning, as soon as we woke up, I checked on Kenzie’s eye.  Unfortunately it had gotten worse and was now swollen shut.  She had started to whine about it and it started to tear.  Since our insurance company encourages us to not go to the ER unless it’s a true emergency, we called the nurse hotline as the website encouraged.

This whole time I still thought it was a sty.  I told the nurse this and she advised to wait until Monday.  However everything I read on line said if it become swollen shut, seek medical attention.  I went with my mommy gut and took her to urgent care. 

This was my first time ever going to urgent care and with an hmo-oh my gosh, what a hassle.  We had to call around to facilities to try to find one that accepted our insurance, since the website only listed one in Rancho.  Finally we found one and Jeff headed over while I got Bean situated with my mom and Shannon.

As soon as the doctor came in, she took one look at us and said Kenz had an eye infection and needed to go to the ER.  Most likely she’d need IV antibiotics.  Thank goodness I went with my gut! 

We headed to the emergency room and it was about 50% packed already.  I hate going to this ER but it seriously has the best staff.

After about a 20 minute wait, we were called back so a doctor could evaluate Kenzie.  The doctor took a look at her and quickly announced she had periorbital cellulitis, not a sty.  And that my poor baby would need iv antibiotics.  We were sent back out to the waiting room until a bed was ready.

20150809_111533Jeffs Iphone 1402

Jeffs Iphone 1403

After waiting for about an hour, we were called back and given a bed.  They decided to take a blood draw just to be safe and recommended putting in the iv now.  That way, if the blood results came back with nothing more severe, she was ready for her antibiotics.

Our nurse was pretty confident when he was talking about doing the iv.  He and another nurse came were going to do the procedure.  They swaddled Kenzie with her one arm out and then we all held her still while the guy was going to put in the needle.  Long story short, he must not put in kid iv’s often.  He waited just a bit too long before starting, which made we realize he was nervous.  He tried multiple times on her arm, all the while Kenzie was screaming.  At one point he thought he got in the needle, nope.  They had to start all over.  The second time, the female nurse put it in and was done in seconds!  Thank goodness!

20150809_134949Jeffs Iphone 1404

We waited for the blood tests and finally it came back with the green light for antibiotics.  My poor girl, she did so well the whole time.  She was spoiled with watching Elmo on the ipad at the same time playing her games on the iphone.


My mom and Shannon ended up taking Bean to Kalea’s birthday party at Farrell’s (yep, we missed it) where, I was promised, they pretended to let her eat ice cream.


And grew a mustache.


I know visits to the ER are pretty much unavoidable with little ones, but man that doesn’t make it any easier!