Monday, August 10, 2015

On the mend

Just 24 hours later of antibiotics, Kenzie’s eye was looking much better! 


She had to go for a check up so Jeff was able to leave work and make it to her appointment in time.  She was in pretty good spirits in the waiting room.


Notice in the picture above a certain “lovey”.  Yep our sweet Kenz is a paci addict.  We are pretty good about removing it when she’s at the doctors but sure enough we got caught.  The doctor saw it and said time to wean her.  My poor Kenz, she loves that thing!

Since she did such a good job at her doctor’s appointment, Jeff treated her to a cookie on the way home. 

Jeffs Iphone 1406Jeffs Iphone 1407

A cookie that she proceeded to get all over her!