Monday, November 18, 2013

4 months of learning and growing

Dear Mackenzie,

Little girl, you are now 4 months old!  Time has flown by but everyday has been better than the last! 

You have proven to be quite the excellent traveler.  You spent your second overnight stay in a hotel and watched Daddy start his 3rd half marathon of the year!


It is amazing how the milestones start coming through.  One day you are just staring at toys and the next you start to reach out and grab them!



This month you also had your first Halloween!  We went with cousins to the pumpkin patch and you visited Mommy’s work in your adorable costume. 


You are getting stronger and stronger at tummy time and are even more determined to sit up (although you still need help staying up). 


Speaking of your tummy, right before you turned 4 months old, your GI doctor released you from his care!  We found a balance of 1 bottle of formula was enough to help with your tummy issues. 

While we tried our hardest, you are definitely more wiggly at picture time!  This was the best one we got with your new teddy bear. 


We love you little girl!!