Thursday, January 9, 2014

6 Months

Dear Mackenzie,

I feel like this month you are definitely growing up.  You are starting to hit all these milestones that I couldn’t imagine you hitting when you were a tiny newborn. 

I missed your 5 month recap and didn’t feel like dragging it on until now, so let’s sum up month 5 and 6 together.

Two days before your 5 Month milestone, you got your first tooth!  It was the bottom right and you were a pretty good champ dealing with it.  We spent your special day with Grandma in San Francisco. 

Which brings us to Month 6!


Your second tooth quickly followed 11 days later.  You also didn’t make it through the holidays without coming down with your 3rd cold, poor girl.  It was during this time we also started to sleep train you…more on that later.


You are now quite the professional sitter!  You can go long stretches without falling over and even the doctor was impressed with your newest skill.


I have a feeling crawling is soon to come.  You are doing these baby push ups where you can get your entire tummy off the ground.


Daddy and I have started noticing you know who to work.  With him, you are a relaxed baby who can play contently by herself.  The second I walk in from work, you start to cry and demand to be picked up.  It works and I always rush to get in my hugs and kisses.


Look at those feet!  You are growing, growing, growing!  At your 6 month check up, the doctor announced you weigh 16lbs 4oz placing you 50% in weight.  You are a shorty though, only 25% in length.


We’ve been waiting for this month to start you on solids.  I can’t wait to talk about your experience with food next month. 


Happy 6 months sweet Mackenzie!