Sunday, February 9, 2014

7 Months

Sweet Mackenzie,

The months are flying by!  Right after your 6 month mark you started to eat solids!  You were a little slow to start, one because of your tummy issues and two because you did not like anything but cereal and sweet potatoes.  This month was also a big month where we made the transition to all formula.  You didn’t skip a beat though and I’m so glad you adapted!


You have become the proficient crawler and even stood up on a toy for the first time. We have had to baby proof the house much sooner than I was expecting. Standing has also made bedtime pretty miserable. You just stand and cry in your crib.


We had another hotel stay, this time at the Disneyland resort. Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to take you back to actually go into Disneyland for the day.


Grandma Ama came down for a visit! You were very excited to see her and show how much you’ve grown.


On your 7 month birthday we found you that you won’t be the littlest cousin for long! Cousin Vanessa is expecting her second baby due July 27!


Don’t worry, you’ll still be our little “squishy” forever.  Smile