Sunday, March 9, 2014

8 Months

Dear Mackenzie,

Eight months sweet girl! Time is flying by!


I feel like this month you have decided to stop sleeping.  For what ever reason you hate being in your crib and have decided to cry until we hold you while you sleep.  No worries, since you have Daddy wrapped around your tiny finger, he doesn’t mind cuddling you. 


Even though you don’t sleep at night, it appears you are trying to drop a nap.  Thankfully it doesn’t affect your happy demeanor during the day!


You had a lot of fun this month too!  A Valentine’s day project at Aunty Sarah’s, a visit to mommy at her work, a visit with a new friend Marilene.  Lots of fun outside the house. 


It’s obvious that you are becoming more and more independent.  You can play for long stretches of time by yourself and guess what!  You held your own bottle for the entire time!   


You are also much more adventurous and have even attempted crawling up the stairs.


Time for the baby gates!