Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Little Bunny

Kenzie’s first Easter!!


Since she’s experience each holiday for the first time, each one has been so special!  We headed down to my Nana’s and Tata’s for some lunch and our usual egg adventures.



The nieces did an egg on the spoon contest.  How do you know they are all Solanos?  Because half of them cheated and the other half got upset.  Haha!!


Up next were the adults.  I was inside keeping an eye on Kenzie while she napped so I didn’t see the hilarity going on, but I heard it!


Once Kenzie woke up, it was time for the egg hunt.  Jeff and I filled 6 eggs with baby approved treats and hid those around the yard with a big M on them. 


She really didn’t get it but enjoyed the Cheerios and puffs inside.  Kenzie and I decided to sit out during the confetti craziness.  But Jeff did manage to snag one egg to help Kenzie break it on his head.


She was not amused with the confetti eggs.  Happy Easter Kenzie!