Saturday, October 25, 2014

Amy’s Farm Pumpkin Patch

This year I really wanted to go to a big pumpkin patch so Kenzie could run around and have fun.  But before we could head out to the pumpkin patch, we had a birthday to attend!

My friend’s daughter was turning six and it was a costume party.  Kenzie wore a hand-me-down Snow White dress that was worn by 3 of my 4 nieces.  Loved that it got so much use!


After the party, Crystal called and mentioned Amy’s Farm had free pumpkins for the first 50 people.  We decided to head over there to see if we were lucky.  Unfortunately all the free pumpkins were gone but they were so much more cheaper, we decided to stay and buy our pumpkins here.


Kenzie really enjoyed picking up the pumpkins and then THROWING them!  Kid.


I made Jeff promise that we could go to the big pumpkin patch next year!  We’ll see if we make it there with 2 kiddos in tow!