Saturday, November 15, 2014

Disneyland at Night

Since we got our passes, we’ve been wanting to head to Disneyland in the evening to see everything lit up.  One Saturday we headed over as soon as it was getting dark and said we’d stay out until Kenz pooped out. 

Kenz napped on the way there and woke as soon as we got there.

My poor little girl was tired, but already looking at all the lights.

We got in and went straight to Fantasyland.  We were told Fantasyland was going to close soon due to the fireworks so we quickly jumped on the Carousal, Storybook Canals and the Casey Jr Train.  When we had headed into Fantasyland, one of the cast members mentioned going by Small World to watch the fireworks.  Kenz seemed to be ok so we headed over there once we were done with the rides.

We watched the fireworks, a surprise treat as we didn’t think we’d be there that late.  Then after fireworks, the park has “snow”, tons of bubbles.  Kenz wasn’t too happy about the fireworks, but loved the bubbles.  We headed out after that.  I’m so happy we got in one night trip with these passes!