Tuesday, December 4, 2012

San Dimas Turkey Tri 2012

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks!!  Lots of pictures to catch up on!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving (the day after mine and Brooky’s races) was Jeff’s Turkey Tri.  It was another sprint but this was farther than a normal sprint.  We arrived a little late (oops!) and had to park literally 1 mile away.  The transition area was set on top of the hill.  Jeff went straight there to check in and get marked up. 


The water wasn’t too chilly but they let the swimmers wear their wetsuits anyway. 


Jeff waited until right before the first wave went before jumping in and warming up.  His group was the second to last that went out for the half mile swim.  Jeff’s mom and Andrew’s girlfriend both were able to make it to see him off for the swim and then caught him going out for his bike ride! 


Swim – 20:08

After the swim was the easy part for Jeff, a 14 mile bike ride. 




Bike – 56:02

By now the temps were warming up and Jeff still had a 4.5 mile run in front of him.  Here he comes for the final part of the race!




Run – 53:26


He did awesome!  Total finishing time 2:18:30, total of 19 miles for the day!  Just like his last tri, he was pretty sure this would be his last one.  Until 3 days after when he was already looking for his next race.  Winking smile