Sunday, November 25, 2012

San Dimas Turkey Trot

Time to burn off those holiday calories!!  On Saturday me, Jeff, Danny, Brooky, Kalea and Dad all headed out to Bonelli Park so I could run the Turkey Trot 5k and Brooky could run the Kids 1k.  This was my first race running solo and I was a little nervous. 

I lined up pretty far in the back so I could hang out with Jeff until the race started. 


As soon as I passed the starting line I saw a majority of everyone.  One of the perks of having a car full of people. 


One of the best things about this race is the view.  If you’re going to run, running by a lake is not a bad thing.


Another perk about Jeff not running with me, I saw him (twice!) on the course! 


Lots of people dress up for this race, it’s one of the things that makes the time go by faster.




I wasn’t feeling too hot the week going into this race so I decided to do a run/walk.  I felt great but man it sucked when the 10k-ers began to pass me.  Yep, they finished 6.2 miles in less time it took me to finish 3.1.


I finished 12th in my age division and 215 overall, but noticed that they went by gun time vs chip timing…uh, what’s the use of using chips if you are going to rank by gun time?


After the race we were treated with tiny cups of water (the one major fail for the weekend, I just ran 3 miles – I want a whole bottle of water) and delicious pumpkin pie. 

Next up was Brooky’s race.  We waited for about 45 minutes before the start, the men & Kalea towards the middle and me at the finish line.


After about 3 mins, Brooky came down the final hill, waved at Jeff & Chloe and then cruised in to the finish line.

I prepped her ahead of time that they were going to clip off her timing chip and she waited in line like a pro.


Her second medal!



It had been weeks since Brooky did a practice run (other than typical 2nd grader running around the playground stuff) and she was nervous about it at the start.  Danny even said that she mentioned she didn’t “practice”.  Danny said about half way through she saw him, veered to the side of the course and started to slow down to stop.  He jumped in to pump her up and ran with her until it was downhill.


She finished 19th out of 36 kids, only 4 kids younger than her finished ahead of her.  She’s already asking if there is a Christmas race after seeing a flyer for a Santa Run.  Girl likes the bling!

Jeff finished his second triathlon on Sunday…more to come!