Saturday, November 10, 2012

SCHM Training: Week 4

I’m back!!  After a full week of traveling, I’m glad to be home.  We have been having some perfect fall weather here and I love it!  There is actually snow on the mountains but the clouds are obscuring it.


Today marked week 4 of Surf City Half Marathon training and a scheduled 6 miles.  We’ve been deciding it was time to start venturing out of our neighborhood for these longer runs & also incorporating some hills to prep.  Today we headed out to Corona for a bike path that was long with some baby rolling hills. 

SPOILER ALERT: We did not run 6 miles…


We ran (mostly) 7 miles!! 


A new PDR that left me very close to dry heaving after the final hill.  That rounds the week out with Run #1 – 3.5 miles, Run #2 – Skipped (traveling really messed me up this week), Run #3 – 7 miles which makes the Total Weekly Miles = 10.5. 

The next part is just some notes to help me with our next long run…skip it.  Trust me.

We woke up at 7am and headed out the door by 8am.  Only some sips of water, no food.  Made it to the trail and started running around 8:30am. 

Miles 1 & 2 ran entirely – on time target.  Some minor cramping in calves/shins.  Ate 2 pink lemonade Honey Stingers since stomach was growling. 

Miles 3-5 did planned walk/run.  Walked 0.1, ran 0.9 miles.  Felt actually good for miles 4 & 5.  Ate the last HS at mile 4? 

Miles 5.2-6.85 were mentally tough.  I started walking more at 5.2 and hip flexors started to hurt.  Thirsty but didn’t want to drink too much water, no more fuel – just bad. 

Mile 6.85 seriously a second wind that made all right in the world.  Killed it the last uphill and finished at top for 7 miles. 

Only took in about 4 ounces of water (too little) and a total of 3 honey stingers (not enough). 

See I told you, you should have just skipped that last part…