Monday, November 12, 2012

NHRA Finals 2012

We stayed until the final car drove down the track on Sunday!


Literally the Top Fuel Championship went down to the last race…it was really exciting!

We got to the Fairplex around 9am and headed in close to 10am.  We caught the traditional sky jumper who started the events.



It was great weather, no clouds and cool all day long.  While all the events are fun to watch, my favorite are the funny cars.  Below is Courtney Force during her burn out.  This is her rookie year as a funny car driver and she did awesome!




She ended up going all the way to the finals but lost.  Not bad for her first year!  I tried to get a picture of her car when she drove back to her pit but unfortunately it was the exact same moment this guy decided to stand up. 



In between rounds we either walked back to the car or around the pits.  This year we saw a couple of non-drag racing famous faces.  The guy from one of those storage shows.


And man whore chopper enthusiast, Jesse James.  Doesn’t he look so happy to be famous?


In between the final rounds many of the teams start to pack up.  It’s crazy that they put the race car on a top shelf in a semi and have most of the below area for additional storage.



By the time we were waiting for the final round, the sun had started to set and it was getting cold!


The Top Fuel Championship was down to the very last race.  Antron Brown was the points leader but got out during his first round.  The only way he could win was if Tony Schumacher (who has won like the last 8 years) lost.  Jeff and I are big AB fans (and not so much TS fans) so we were so excited that TS lost during the final round, making Antron Brown the Top Fuel Champ for 2012! 

A great way to end the night and the season!!