Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Little Patient

For about a week Jeff and I had started to notice that Chloe would squat a lot on her walks.  Typically nothing would come out the 2nd and 3rd times but she would still do it.  We mentioned on Sunday night that we should try to take her to the vet this week since we thought she might have a bladder infection. 

However, Monday morning I took Chloe for her normal walk where she “peed” 3 times and then we went back in.  I ate breakfast and realized that I was running late so decided to take my 8:00 am conference call at home.  Good thing I did. 

While I was sitting on the couch and turning on my work laptop, Chloe jumped up and started to mess with the pillows on the couch.  I looked over and realized while she was getting comfortable, she peed on one of the pillows!

This was especially weird since I had JUST taken her out.  After my call, I called her vet and they squeezed her in for a mid morning appointment.  As soon as the nurse tried to weigh Chloe, Chloe peed and out comes a little crystal rock.  The nurse goes “uh-oh, I think that is a stone” and left it for the doctor.  Sure enough, after a short exam and some x-rays it was determined that Chloe had a lot of bladder stones. 


Unfortunately, the one she passed was a crumb compared to what was still in her tummy.  The x-ray just confirmed that she would need surgery. 


We picked her up from the vet Tuesday afternoon and brought her home.  She was still a bit groggy which the vet said to expect.  However, we did have a minor scare.  Later in the evening she started to shake uncontrollably whenever she inhaled.  Her eyes dazed over and although Jeff and I didn’t say anything that night we both thought she was going into shock and we might lose her.  We called the emergency vet who said she may be cold (the anesthesia can do that) or in pain.  We covered her with a blanket and gave her some pain meds and thankfully yesterday, she was back to her normal self. 

The stones are still being tested to see what caused them and she is on restricted activity which includes no running, jumping, or long walks for 14 days.  Hopefully she is back to normal and there are no future stones!