Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Telling Jeff

I remember the day I took THE test pretty clearly. The day before, I attended a co-worker’s baby shower and remembered getting super teary eyed while she was opening her presents. She seemed so happy and everyone loves a baby shower! I quickly tried to regain my composure and thought to myself…what the heck Dione? That onesie was cute, but not something to CRY about.

The next morning I decided on a whim to take a pregnancy test. (Without going into too much info, I was the latest I’d been and yes – I had one extra test lying around the house.)

I remember placing the test down and while I was brushing my teeth, glancing over and seeing those two pink lines. I was literally SHOCKED. I had no “women’s intuition” telling me something was up.

I instantly thought, crap what am I going to say to Jeff. Should I hide it until it was unhideable (just kidding), should I tell him while he was at work (dumb idea)? No, it was best to hear this in person so I made the decision to go to work and wait until we were safely at home before saying anything.

When he came home, we ran out to grab some dinner and while he was grabbing some utensils, I ran upstairs to grab the test. I came out of the bedroom with the test behind my back at the exact same moment he had made it to the top of the stairs.

He froze and asked me what was behind my back. I was so nervous, I smiled and quickly showed him. With his hands full of bags of Mexican food, he chuckled and said “You have got to be fucking kidding me”. HA! By now I was crying and he sort of awkwardly hugged me (still holding that food!) and asked “what about the half marathon”. I yelled at him asking if that was all he could say and he hugged me again and said something like “congratulations!”

It still feels a little bit surreal but ready or not, we are going to be a family of four in 2013!