Friday, June 19, 2015

A Weekend at the Beach

Vacations with little ones are HARD!  You have to think of length to get somewhere, all the stuff you have to pack, sleeping arrangements, etc.  So when your aunt and uncle are generous enough to open up their beach condo to you for the weekend, you say YES THANK YOU!

The Friday before Father’s Day we headed down to Oceanside for the weekend.  My aunt and uncle were down there already so we had some company to look forward to.  When we got there, we were greeted with champagne!  Kenzie was very interested in smelling it.


One of the best things about staying somewhere relatively close to home is we can drive and take all our necessary baby stuff.  And the benefit about staying in a condo, Bean can stick to her bed time schedule!


On Saturday we got up pretty early and let Jeff open up one of his Father’s Day gifts.  The girls made him the cutest t-shirt.  (Apparently it’s a pretty common dad day gift…we saw another dad on the pier wearing the same thing!)


After naptimes, we headed down to the beach to relax.





Kenzie, like last time, enjoyed playing in the water and sand.  She made poor Aunty Shannon go back and forth with her to fill up her sand toys.


Bean and I hung out under the beach canopy. 


We caught a nice sunset that night and then head home pretty early the next day. 


A great weekend!