Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby’s First Picture

Around 12 weeks Jeff and I were finally able to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the baby on ultrasound – both for the first time!

Both were a little bit crazy. When people say you are going to hear the heartbeat, I always assumed it would be like it was in the movies – loud and obvious.

When we went in to the doctor’s office, she placed the Doppler on my abdomen and held it pretty much in one place for awhile. All I could hear was static and I glanced at Jeff to see if he heard something differently. Then suddenly the doctor proclaims “there’s your baby!!” I glanced again at Jeff and remember saying, wait that’s it? She mimicked the noise and sure enough, super quiet was the tiny heartbeat.

The next day we were referred to the hospital for our ultrasound. As soon as the tech placed the wand(?) on my abdomen, she picked up a picture of the baby. She took a few pictures and then tried checking out the sex of the baby (still unknown).


When we walked out of the building, Jeff looks over at me and goes “well I guess it’s real now.”

We go back for my mid-pregnancy ultrasound in a couple of weeks to get a more exact due date and most excitedly…to find out the gender!  I’m still guessing girl but we will see…