Saturday, February 16, 2013

How I’m Feeling

I missed last weeks baby update since I was out of town so here it is a little late!

You know those moms that don’t experience any early pregnancy symptoms…I was not one of those moms.

Morning Sickness: Soon after I took the at home test, I started to feel nauseous. I remember going to Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house and barely eating. A few weeks after, the “morning sickness” started happening and let’s just say my toilet was my new BFF. I thought we’d break up after week 13 but just today, at 18 weeks I paid my old friend a visit.

Food Aversions: At about 17 weeks food starting to sound appealing again. But during the first trimester it was tough. Something that sounded good on Tuesday would make my stomach lurch by Friday. The worst offenders are onions and olive oil (I about died when Jeff sautéed some onions in olive oil). I’ve only had a few cravings, but again-a craving today is an aversion tomorrow. What I miss the most? BEER AND SUSHI!! Man I’m so looking forward to having a deliciously raw salmon roll with an ice cold beer!


My Skin: My skin is an anomaly. I have broken out more during the last 8 weeks than I did when I actually went through puberty! But the rest of my skin (my legs/arms/back) are all super dry. Even my scalp! I’ve developed a gross case of dandruff that I’m trying to counter with lots of {expensive} conditioner.

Energy: Hello exhaustion! One of the crappy things about not telling people during the first trimester is the need to always be “on” 100% of the time. I remember going to bed at 9:00pm and waking up like I’d only been sleeping for a couple of hours. I took more naps than I can remember and parked myself on the couch for a majority of the 1st trimester.

Running: Although I’m not a natural runner, I always thought I’d be able to maintain some sort of running while pregnant. Prior to knowing I was pregnant, Jeff and I were training for our first half marathon. My last long run was a grueling 7 mile run that left me exhausted, but so happy I had a new PDR. It did make me worry that 7 miles was such a tough effort though. Fast forward a week later, duh! I made the decision to drop the half from my 2013 race schedule and was a little bummed. But regardless, I could still run. And I tried. I did a few 2-3 mile run/walks in our neighborhood, had some mild cramping but kept it easy. And at 6 weeks pregnant, I ran the 2012 San Dimas Turkey Trot. But that was the run that did me in. It was an unusually warm day and for what ever reason, they were not offering water bottles after the race. Just tiny little Dixie cups of water. I ended up being super dehydrated and nauseous and had no desire to run after that. But watch out Fall 2013, I’m already looking at races in October or November.


While it sounds like I’ve had a miserable last 4 months, there is one thing that keeps it all in perspective…I’m having a baby! In 5 months I’ll have a lovely little mixture of Jeff and I to hold in my arms that will make everything worth it.

At least it better be the lovely parts of Jeff and I and not the annoying ones.

And it better like to sleep.

This Friday I go in for my mid-pregnancy ultrasound where the measure the baby to confirm size, due date and most fun…gender!  Girl or Boy???  I’m guessing girl.