Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Months, No Longer a Newborn

Dear Mackenzie,

This is the month where I feel you went from newborn to infant.  You started to do more big girl things and were no longer surrounded by just me for 24 hours. 

This month you started daycare.  Miss Sarah is Aunty Crystal’s sister and you love going to her house.  She tells me all the time how talkative you are (and gassy!).  Miss Sarah is so attentive to you and plays with you and reads to you.


You are also becoming quite the sleeper.  On many occasions you only wake up one time at night and sleep for 5-6 hour stretches.  You even slept for 3 hours in your crib one night-you have yet to repeat this.  


Grandma Natalie came down from San Francisco to visit and you had your first hotel stay in Palm Springs.  Daddy watched you during that time and the two of you did so well together!!


You had your second round of vaccines, 2 shots this time.  You got stronger at tummy time and enjoy sitting up every chance you get.


You spectated your first race, Brooky’s 1k and we revisited the restaurant that we had our last meal without you. 


Happy 3 months my sweet little girl.