Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Beach Half Marathon

This was it.  The final half marathon of the Beach Cities Challenge.

On Saturday the 12th, Jeff, Kenzie and I headed out to Long Beach so Jeff could run the 2013 Long Beach Half Marathon, his 3rd in one year!

We met at Jack & Cari’s and then head out to the Expo.  I liked this expo because it was in a nice large space and it was empty. 



We made the decision to break with tradition and stay in a hotel for this race.  Normally we stayed with Jack and Cari and drove in the morning of.  Since we had Kenz, we thought it would be nice for me and her to wait for Jeff in the comfort of a room vs the freezing cold outside.


The hotel room was pretty nice.  We learned that it’s better for us to have 2 beds vs a king…more room to lay out Kenzie’s stuff.  And we ended up with a good view of the starting line.




The next morning we were up bright and early and headed down around XXX.  Another plus to having the room, our group was able to chill in a warm spot instead of standing outside in the corrals.



Kenzie and I said good bye to everyone and then made our way to just past the start to cheer them on.  Cari and Molly first…


Molly giving me the side eye, haha.


And then the boys!



Once they passed us, Mackenzie and I headed back to the room and enjoyed some room service! 


I was keeping track of Jeff from this app he has on his phone.  Kenzie and I tried to catch him at the finish line but it was CRAZY!  We ended up meeting him a little past the finish line.


Jeff is holding 2 medals since he finished the Beach Cities Challenge when he finished Long Beach.  This was his 3rd half marathon this year.  I was super proud of him.  He deserved that nap he took after the race!

The Long Beach website went beyond just listing Jeff’s time.  They had a huge interactive results section.






You can view his official race pictures here.