Monday, October 7, 2013

Bonelli Olympic Tri

In preparation for one of Jeff’s upcoming events next year, he signed up for the Bonelli Olympic Triathlon.  This was his first time doing a tri at the Olympic distance. 

We dropped Kenzie off at Shannon’s around 6am and then hit the road by 6:10am.  It was a short drive before we hit the tri traffic.



We parked a lot closer than last time and then walked Jeff over to transition.  Jeff set up his stuff and then we walked down to the beach.  There were two distances racing today, Olympic and Sprint.  Jeff was in the first wave for the swim, so he didn’t have to wait long to take off.

Swim-1.5k  35:05


I caught Jeff as he was exiting the water but didn’t have time to take a picture.  I left the memory card for my camera at home and was left with my junky phone (hence the terrible pictures). 

Jeff made the transition to bike and I was able to catch him again out of the transition area.  Right before I saw him, I heard another cyclist ride by saying they hope that was the only crash they saw.  I thought to myself, I bet that’s Jeff.  Sure enough, Jeff rode by brushing off his shirt. 

The bike was the longest of Jeff’s events and I had some down time waiting for him.  Shasha was sending me Kenzie pictures to pass the time.




The bike consisted of 3 loops so I was able to see Jeff three times before he rode in for his last transition. 

Bike-41.8k 1:43:23

By now it was getting hot and I knew after an almost 1 mile swim and a 25 mile bike that Jeff was going to have a tough run.  He came out of transition looking tired and immediately turned to head up a steep hill. 

I waited towards the finish line and was able to spot Jeff running it in.  He actually looked pretty good.  His posture was still straight, arms still pumping and of course he was still smiling!




Run-10k   1:20:28

I caught up with Jeff shortly after he finished and he was exhausted!  But you could tell he was happy he finished!  He gave me the details of his bike crash (some lady cut him off, forcing him to the shoulder) and showed me all his road wounds.

Finish – 53.3k (33.1 miles)   3:49:14


So proud of you moops!!