Saturday, February 14, 2015

On the Eve of Avery

I haven’t talked much about my pregnancy with Avery, mostly because life with a toddler is non-stop.  But that doesn’t take away from the miracle it’s been, growing my sweet baby girl.

Time really does fly by the second pregnancy.  I remember finding out and then telling Jeff just days after Kenzie turned 10 months old.  We were going to be those parents with 2 kids under 2 years old. 

This pregnancy has been different from my first.  The major thing, it’s been less stress about the actual pregnancy.  I knew my body could do it already, I trusted God would let it do it’s thing again.  In fact, this time around, I wasn’t diagnosed with gestational diabetes!  I could not believe it but it was such a blessing not to have to worry about eating at specific times when trying to juggle a toddler and work. 

I only had one major annoyance this pregnancy, PUPPPS.  A horribly itchy rash that affects less than 1% of pregnancies.  It started in the beginning of my second trimester and lasted close to the end of my pregnancy.  It was killer and caused me to have many sleepless nights and tearful breakdowns.  There wasn’t much that could be done, just wait to hope the hormones evened out and allowed it to go away.

I am much larger this pregnancy than last.  I’ve gained 14-16 lbs vs 9 the prior pregnancy but my stomach is HUGE this time.  In fact, the doctor is estimating an 8.5lb baby.  I am much further dilated than last time, coming in at 4-5 cm.  With Kenz, I was induced at 2 cm.  Since I didn’t have GD this time around, I’ll be left alone to go into labor.  This waiting game is so different!  I’m almost half way there in dilation but still feel very minor contractions.  Lots of calls from family…is today the day?  Nope!

The one thing that I’m most nervous about (other than birthing an 8.5lb baby) is how Kenzie will adjust.  My sweet girl is so used to being an only child and loves the one on one attention.  She’s a little rough and used to getting her way, by example her favorite phrase right now…MINE!  I’m praying that she grows into being the big sister I know she can be.  I’m praying she’ll love taking care of Avery and eventually see the fun in having a playmate close in age and who cannot run away.  Sisters Forever!

For now, it’s just a waiting game for Avery.  Will I make it to my due date, will I have to be induced because I’ll be overdue.  Will it be tonight?  For sure, it will be this month!  Haha!

See you soon baby girl!