Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Hospital Stay

Picking up where we left off…

We were moved into a recovery room and Avery came along with us.  Last time Kenz spent time in the nursery so Jeff and I were able to get at least 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep.  This time since Avery was with us, we got no sleep.  It was a rough first night but thankfully she napped during the day and so did we.

Since our hospital stay felt a lot shorter this time, we had only a handful of visitors.  Jeff’s mom and Aunt Holly both stopped by to visit our little bean.



And then our most favorite visitor showed up.  Kenzie!  Shannon brought her over to meet her little sister.  I was a bit worried because when she showed up, I was nursing Avery and I didn’t want Kenzie to get jealous.  Kenzie actually seemed pretty indifferent to Avery while we were at the hospital.  We did get to snap the below pic before Shannon and Kenz went home though.


Later that night Sarah, Reggie and Christian stopped by to say hi, and then Chad and Crystal brought some goodies for us-a cupcake for me and a juice for Jeff, both of our favorites.

The next morning Dr.  Retino stopped by to discharge Avery.  We had to do a follow up appointment later that week since Avery’s jaundice levels were high but other than that, she was good to go.  We ended up being discharged around noon and were home pretty early!  A much less dramatic hospital exit than Kenz’s.