Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Oceanside 70.3

Becoming a 70.3 Ironman one time wasn’t enough for Jeff, he had to do it again this year!  This has been a much more challenging training for Jeff.  Finding time to train was harder this time.  We got sick 3 times leading up to the race, January the flu, February a stomach virus and March a horrible cold.  But he stayed committed to finish the race, and he did!


This year, I saw Jeff off at the start of the swim and then took Kenzie down to the transition area to watch the triathletes bike out.  She loved watching the riders!  I wish I would have snapped a picture.  We caught Jeff going out on the bike ride and then headed back to the condo to wait to catch him on the run.

Shannon stayed back in the condo with this cutie!


We were able to catch him twice on the run, I love that it goes right in front of the condo.  Makes the logistics of spectating with 2 little ones a little easier.  We headed down to the finish shortly after and barely caught Jeff crossing.  The only reason we caught him was because the announcer said his name over the intercom!  He finished in 7:16:39!


The next day we went for a walk around the condo area to burn off some of Kenzie’s energy and give Jeff’s legs a stretch.

20150329_110118 20150329_110207

Later that day we headed down to the beach to play in the sand.  Kenz was all ready with her sand toys!


Shannon, Avery and I stayed on the sand while Jeff took Kenz down to the water.  It was her first time in the ocean and she did pretty good!


After awhile, they joined us on the sand to do some digging.

IMG953022 IMG953024

Little Bean slept…


The next morning we woke up and started packing up to head home.  Avery & Kenz supervised from the couch.  Looking cute!

IMG953027 IMG953028


Congrats hubby!  He’s already looking for new 70.3 Ironmans for 2017!