Thursday, March 19, 2015

Avery, meet Grandma

The week Jeff went back to work, my mom came down to stay for 2 weeks.  It was such a help and really allowed me to spend time with Avery.

Here are some cute pictures of the girls during that time.

20150308_120832 20150308_120930


IMG_4915 IMG_4916

20150309_095913 20150309_145142

While my mom was here, she slept on an air mattress.  Kenzie loved crawling in there and having Grandma reading all her books to her.

20150307_201051 20150312_193528


IMG955906 IMG_8298


My mom planted lavender in our front patio and Kenzie loved going out there and watering the plants with her.  She would spend hours out there with her.