Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Run Hailey, Run!

One of the nice things about being off during the week is being able to attend school functions!  Hailey’s school had a jog-a-thon so Avery, Papa and I headed to her school to spectate. 


The led the kids around their coned off course one time and then started the race.  Unfortunately the kids didn’t grasp the concept and sort of just ran a muck for the first minute.  It was pretty cute.  Finally one of the event coordinators started running the course and the kiddos followed.

20150325_123043 20150325_123214

Hailey did great!  The kids could run a max of 36 laps and she did all 36, roughly 2 miles in warm weather!  At one point they invited siblings and parents to run with the kids.  Her cousin went out to run with her, but man I so wanted to join them!  Instead, I watched Bean sleep-not too bad!