Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ali’s Baby Shower

Jeff’s cousin Ali is in the Air Force and stationed over in the UK.  She had some leave and while she was home, her mom threw her a surprise baby shower! 

The whole theme was “A Star Is Born”.

IMG_0102 (640x468)

We got there a bit before she showed up, so we had time to admire all the cute details.  The centerpieces were filled with candy, yum!

IMG_0103 (480x640)

The cake…the baby’s name is going to be Dallyn Alexander.

IMG_0104 (640x480)

As soon as Ali arrived, they began with a team game.  Each team had to decorate a onesie.  Ali would pick the winning team.  We started with this…

IMG_0105 (640x480)

And finished with this…Air Force represent!  Thank goodness one of the ladies on our team had her Ipad with her. 

IMG_0106 (569x640)

We ended up winning the game and were able to take one of the centerpieces home.  They passed out the menus for lunch and then we played another game while we were waiting for the food. 

IMG_0107 (477x640) IMG_0108 (640x480)

The next game was to try to make as many words using just the letters in baby Dallyan’s name.  {Sidenote} Might I just clarify they said not “names” but words…and the winner had 22 words, which included names.  I had 18 NOT including names.  Had I known the rules would have been bent…I would have walked home with this prize too.  Just saying. 

IMG_0109 (640x480)

We ate lunch, played one more game where a story is read and a gift is passed left or right depending on the directions in the story.  It was a cute story about how Ali met her husband and how they found out she was pregnant. 

Then she moved on to her gifts.  Ali was the ultimate gift opener and did an AWESOME job getting through all her gifts quickly.

IMG_0111 (640x480)

IMG_0112 (480x640) IMG_0113 (447x640)

You’ll notice she wasn’t even showing yet.  They had to have the shower during the only scheduled time she would be in the USA and she’s only 4ish months along.  Usually at baby showers the mom looks like she is ready to pop! 

After presents, we chatted a bit and enjoyed some cake.  Their family always has the best cakes!

IMG_0114 (640x480)

I headed out after cake.  It was nice seeing some of Jeff’s extended family that we don’t see too often.  Congratulations to the parents to be!!