Saturday, February 25, 2012

Irvine Park Railroad Anniversary

Crystal received a notice that Irvine Park was celebrating their Railroad’s 16th anniversary this weekend.  Food, games and rides were all discounted so we headed down there today with the little nieces. 

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We got there around 11:30am and had some lunch.  After lunch we made our way to the main attraction, the train ride. 

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The train ride was pretty good.  It only cost $2 per person (normally $4) lasted awhile and went through different parts of the park. 

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One part of the lake allowed for paddle boats, it looked like a lot of fun and something we have to go back and try!

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The announcer sat right behind us and told us a little history of how the park was sold to the city.  A statue of Mr. Irvine and his two favorite hunting dogs was part of the tour. 

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We also passed by the oldest piece of built property.  The fountain was built during the 1910’s. 

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At one point the train went through a tunnel…

IMG_0270 (640x465)

And then brought us around to our starting point. 

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Immediately after the train ride, the girls nabbed some balloons and then headed over to the pony rides. 

IMG_0273 (480x640) IMG_0275 (480x640)

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Hailey was more than willing to go…Noelle not so much.  She was really only upset about having to leave behind her balloon.

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At one point, the horse that Crystal was leading just stopped walking.  She did her best to coax her but that horse did not budge.  Eventually one of the helpers came over to get her going again.

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After the horse ride, we drove around to find the surrey rentals.  We were so close to renting one for all of us to ride, but decided it was getting late and called it a day.

Can’t wait to go back with the nieces for some more fun!  Thanks for inviting us Crystal!!