Friday, February 24, 2012

Not A Typical Friday

I haven’t had a day off since January.  When I heard that the older nieces had the entire week of this week, I convinced Danny to pick them up 1 day early and scheduled today off of work.

The nieces have been talking about sleeping over for awhile, so last night we had a slumber party. 

IMG_0226 (640x480)

We got up early, went to the mall and bought Hailey a birthday present for next week.  Smile

When we got home, we made plans to meet Crystal, Hailey and Noelle at the park for some cousin play time.  As soon as Hailey saw her cousins, she RAN to them with her arms outstretched.  Love that girl!

Immediately they ran all around after each other. 

IMG_0227 (640x480)

IMG_0228 (480x640)

Noelle joined them, but only when she felt like it.  Smile

IMG_0229 (480x640)

IMG_0230 (640x480)

IMG_0231 (480x640)

Eventually the girls made their way to the swings and Shannon pushed Noelle.  Noelle was getting pretty high and then threw her head back.  I’m surprised she didn’t get sick. 

IMG_0232 (480x640) IMG_0233 (480x640)

Brooklyn decided to try to swing in the baby swing.  Her long legs got stuck getting in and out. 

IMG_0234 (480x640)

Kalea…no hands!

IMG_0236 (640x480)

After awhile, Hailey needed some chapstick.  Unfortunately it was warmed up from being in Crystal’s pocket and Hailey had some trouble putting it on.  Smile

IMG_0237 (640x480)

IMG_0238 (480x640)

And lastly, the paint samples are up!  But we aren’t sure…  We like the green for the kitchen, but not the livingroom.  We like the grey, but think it might have too much of a blue base.  We think we might split the kitchen and livingroom wall and put the colors right next to each other, but still don’t know. 

IMG_0239 (480x640)IMG_0245 (640x480)

I just wish we could find a sofa so we know for sure which color would be best.

PS don’t ever pick tile/cabinets/granite/wood floors without having at *least* a color scheme in mind.  Otherwise you will be in our boat.