Monday, July 9, 2012

Kalea’s Cupcake

In an email to Shannon and Daniel, from me. remember how Kalea didn't finish her cupcake and wanted to "save" it? Well she left it on the table and I meant to cover it and put it away. I thought to myself, at least push the chairs in so Chloe doesn't jump on the table.

So I did that, we went to bed, woke up on Sunday and went to Costco. Came home and about mid afternoon Jeff jokingly picks up the now EMPTY container and says, did you eat this??? I indignantly responded no, did you eat it and we went back and forth like this for some time before we both looked at Chloe who was laying down in her bed.

Yeah, we are pretty sure that darn dog ate the ENTIRE CUPCAKE, wrapper and all. We wandered around the house to see if we could find leftovers and couldn't find any (looked under the coffee table, on our bed, in my closet, in her cage, etc.)

Apparently a small chocolate cupcake is within the "not enough to kill your dog" levels.


Stinking Chloe.

Update:  Chloe is fine, no issues to date.