Sunday, April 15, 2012

An aDORAble Birthday Girl

Sunday afternoon was all about this little girl.


Noelle turned 2 and had a Dora themed party on Sunday.  She had cousins on both sides and the kids all got along pretty well. 

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Chad made hamburgers & hot dogs while Crystal had prepared a salad and chips/dip for everyone to enjoy.  The park remained pretty empty the entire time and the weather was perfect!

While we were waiting for cake I tested Noelle on her Dora characters.  She knew every single one!  That girl loves her Dora!




And then with Hailey…love that Noellie was tasting the cake during both pictures.  Quality checks are a must!


Happy birthday to yoooooouuuuu….


Noelle got a lot of cute clothes and almost a new pair of shoes to go with every outfit.  Her grand finale gift…a new Dora bike! 

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Happy Birthday Noellie, I hope you enjoyed your special day!!