Sunday, April 22, 2012

Angels 5k

Light up that halo, we finished!!

Our race morning started off with a 5am wake up call and some toast w/PB.  We headed out a bit late but made it to the stadium by 6:40am.  Thankfully the lot is huge and we found parking fairly quickly. 

This was probably the 2nd biggest race we participated in.  There was a ton of red in front of us… 


…and a ton of red behind us. 


While a majority of people in red were wearing their race tees, Jeff and I chose to wear our Angel jerseys.  And yes, we were TWINSIES!!


The first mile went by relatively quick but for some reason, was tough.  Sad smile  We took a short walk break around 1.5 miles.


While we were running, I noticed a girl wearing a Ragnar Relay shirt.  You know, that 200+ mile relay that went from Friday to yesterday!!  I tried to take a picture but it came out blurry.  She’s the one in the blueish/green top below.


Pretty soon we were headed back to the stadium. 



As soon as we turned into the parking lot, we saw the kiddos finishing their 1k lap around the Big A. 



And then we were on the field!! 

It was pretty cool running the warning track and looking UP at the stadium vs looking down. 


As you ran by a certain point, you made it up on the big screen.  I had trouble spotting us (no glasses) but Jeff saw both of us. 



And then we headed out of another tunnel and were only .1 from the finish line. 

Official finish time:  36:37.




Immediately after they had a table of water, oranges and some bars.  We grabbed a couple and headed over to FanFest 2012.  Our bibs got us free access. 


There were a ton of vendors and we got a lot of goodies; a couple of Angels backpacks, juice, yogurt, pistachios and 2 $10 off Knott’s admission. 


IMG_0003 (2)

Jeff posed with the Rally Monkey, who was more interested in his treat versus looking at the camera. 


It was a really fun event and totally work the cost.  Without going into fan fest, you get a tech tee and a free ticket for an Angel game.  Plus the cool course around and through the stadium. 


The only bummer was the lack of crowd support. I know it’s only a 5k and it doesn’t draw a lot of spectators, but the employees who lined the course weren’t cheering at all.  Only 1 lone guy at the very end was cheering. 

We headed over to Flo’s for some breakfast, sweaty jerseys and all.  It was the best way to end a fun morning!!