Monday, April 30, 2012

Car or a Couch

Jeff is trying to sell me on a new car.  A Land Cruiser with a straight 6 engine that is 17 years old.  For the price of a new sectional-from Pottery Barn.  Oh, and the car is in Colorado. 

Apparently a couple of Jeff’s bff mountain bike buddies each have a “fun” SUV they drive whenever they meet up.  Woody’s car is decked out for all manner of outdoor fun, complete with a bed for overnight camping.  No joke.  Jack’s car is in the beginning phases and with enough of his encouragement, Jeff is now trying to convince me it’s a good idea.

He’s going with the whole, we can use this SUV to tow our boat (you know, the one we don’t even own yet) and go on “family” vacations (you know, with Chloe). 

I have to admit, for a small sliver of time I almost said yes.  And then I realized HELLO WE HAVE A FREAKIN MORTGAGE!!

And for a bit of left over cuteness from this weekend…


I love that she has her elbows on the tray and watching TV, like a regular teenager.