Saturday, April 28, 2012

Like Theodore and Eleanor

Last night I was struggling to open a bottle of wine and could not figure out why. 


Ha!  Left the foil on. 

Today Shannon and I hung out with the older nieces and woke up early to see the first showing of the Pirates movie.  It was funny but I think the girls prefer something with a princess and lots of singing. 

After some errands, Shannon dropped us off at our house and the girls burnt off some energy playing at the small park by us. 




Then we moved the party to the garage for some sidewalk chalk and trikes.


IMG_0015 IMG_0016



I took the below picture of Kalea because I thought she looked so cute with her legs crossed. 


After dinner, the girls I headed out to the Jacuzzi for some late afternoon swimming.  After changing into my bathing suit, I put some shorts on over.  Kalea asked why I was wearing shorts and I mentioned that I was too chubby to wear just my bathing suit outside.  Brooklyn started to giggle and says “just like Theodore and Eleanor.  They are chubby too”.  And yes, as in the Chipmunks.  She just compared me to chubby chipmunks. 

After we bathed, we made some smores and then called it a night. 



Good night girls!